Jun Huang's Group, The University of Sydney.
Research Focus of Laboratory for Catalysis Engineering

Energy: H2, biofuel, clean fuel, solar fuel, storage


Catalysis: Solid acids and acid reaction, hydrocarbon transformation, chemoselective hydrogenation and oxidation, reforming


Material: Zeolites, amorphous catalysts, organic frameworks, oxides, and nanomaterials


Spectroscopy: Solid state NMR, in situ NMR, in situ DRIFTs, in situ UV/vis and Raman


Environment: CO2 capture and conversion, waste-to-chemical


Health: Anti-cancer drug delivery and photothermal cancer therapy, biosensor, in vivo investigation of drug pharmacology (With Dr. Andy Liang, A/Prof. Xunjun Zhu, and Dr. Gang Zheng)

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